10 Easy Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

10 Easy Homemade Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

Summer is just around the corner and it’s going to get HOT. One way to keep your fur babies cool is to give them frozen treats. Always check with your vet before giving your pet new foods and treats. Make sure that all the ingredients you are using are pet friendly. Hope you and your pup enjoy these easy frozen dog treat recipes!

Watermelon Pupsicles by: bellyfull

Frozen Fruit & Yogurt Frozen Treats by: bakingmischief


Frozen Blueberry Treats by: kotibeth

Frozen Blueberry Treats by: kotibeth


Frozen Turmeric & Coconut Dog Treats by: threeolivesbranch

Frozen Strawberry Banana Dog Treats by: threeolivesbranch

Frozen Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Treats by: urbanblisslife

frozen-dog-treats-photo Watermelon

Frozen Watermelon & Yogurt Dog Treats by: bakingmischief


Frozen Pupcakes by: browneyedbaker


Dog Ice Cream by: spaceshipsandlaserbeams

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