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[Have Fun and Keep Busy] These bird chewing toys come in a variety of designs. The sturdy rattan balls are stuffed with colorful crumpled paper, which the birds love to pull and comb, and spend hours destroying them. A busy bird is a happy bird. These bird toys will keep them busy for a long time, provide them lots of fun, and prevent them from getting bored, depressed, or engaging in aggressive and destructive behavior.
[Natural Materials, Safe to Use] These 3 colourful hanging parrot toys are made of natural bamboo and rattan, which are filled with edible crinkle paper, 100% handmade and safe to peck and chew. Bamboo and rattan are very durable. No harmful color gels added, and the pigments used are safe for the birds. The crumpled, shredded parakeet toys will get wet and slightly fade when submerged in water, which is normal.
[Multi-Function] The bird toys are designed not only for entertainment, but also to cater to the instinct of birds. Chewing and shredding are birds’ natural behaviors and associated with foraging and nesting, which contribute to the birds’ physical and emotional health. You can also fill rattan balls with food to encourage birds to forage. 2 bells can make a sound when birds pecking at them. The cockatiel toys can also be used to decorate a bird cage, providing a beautiful habitat for birds.

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