Cat Food and Treats Containers Set with Scoop for Cats or Dogs –Tight Fitting Wood Lids – Coated Carbon Steel – Storage… Price: $32.99 (as of 03/30/2023 02:51 PST- Details)

1. BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC: Do you love your pets – but hate those bulky, unsightly see-through plastic pet-food bins laying in the corner? Or worse: Do you always have to hide them in the closet? No more: This beige-colored farmhouse-style pet food container combo will look awesome in any decor or environment! FLAUNT THEM!!! Any guests, friends or family will be sure to compliment you on this luxurious looking food and treat storage set.
2. DIMENSIONS: “CAT FOOD” container: 9″” high X 8″” wide X 7″” deep | “CAT TREATS” container: 8″” high X 6″ wide X 6″” deep. INCLUDED SCOOP: This adorable pet food holder set comes with a handy matching scoop for conveniently filling the dogfood or catfood bowl!
3. TIGHT FITTING LIDS : Strong & sturdy steel paired with a modern wood lid. The larger “CAT FOOD” container and the smaller “CAT TREATS” container is small enough to carry with ease, but can fit quite a bunch of those treats your pet goes crazy for!