Pethiy Cat Food and Treats Containers Set with Scoop for Cats or Dogs -Tight Fitting Wood Lids – Coated Carbon Steel… Price: $26.99 (as of 03/30/2023 02:51 PST- Details)

1.PET FOOD STORAGE – Safely stores your pup’s food where no paw can reach, thanks to durable construction and a tight-fitting lid.
2. 4-5 LBS PET FOOD CONTAINER: 9″ high X 7″ wide X 6″ deep and holds up to 5-6 lbs of your cat’s kitty’s favourite dry food, biscuits or treats. The outside has an enamel finish and has the words CAT FOOD on one side ,so you know exactly what is inside.
3.SUITABLE FOR DRY CAT FOOD AND TREATS — The secure lid helps to keep the food out of the reach of your pooch whilst also ensuring it stays dry and clean, a much better option than leaving food in cardboard boxes or paper bags that are easy to tear open and are subject to damage from dust and moisture.